Gordon Quits City Council Race, Endorses Sean Holihan

Candidate also leaves Alexandria Republican City Committee citing incumbent Independent Alicia Hughes as the reason for his departure from the committee.

Alexandria, VA — Republican Alexandria City Council candidate Scott Gordon abruptly resigned from the race for a seat in City Hall on Tuesday evening, citing a family medical issue and endorsed a Democrat for council.

“This is 100 percent due to an emerging family medical issue,” Gordon told Patch. “There is no other reason. Family above all else comes first.”

Gordon made the announcement on his website.

“I urge you seriously to consider—as I make this endorsement—to fully support both physically and financially Mr. Sean Holihan, a member of the Alexandria Democratic Committee,” Gordon wrote. “Sean is trustworthy, loyal, caring, sympathetic, intelligent and a real civics expert. I believe no other candidate, Incumbent or otherwise, is more suited to serve on the City Council.”

Gordon wrote in another post on Tuesday that while he is resigning due to personal issues, he is leaving the Alexandria Republican City Committee.

“The true purpose of this resignation however is in protest to [the Alexandria Republican City Committee’s] continued support of Alicia Hughes, who (and this is entirely my opinion and in no way representative of any attempt to provide fact) is so morally and ethically challenged, whose character is so questionable, is unfit to hold office in our City,” he wrote.

In a conversation with Patch, Gordon said the family health issue would have prevented him from running an effective campaign or, if elected, from holding office in a manner he felt the post deserved. He said he will continue to support Republican incumbent Frank Fannon and, if he does decide to run again, Republican candidate Phil Cefaratti.

“[The decision to leave the race] was also an opportunity for me to leave the party out of protest to say something I wanted to say but could not because of the scriptures of the party,” Gordon said.

Holihan said he welcomed Gordon’s support in a statement sent to Patch.

“While I am a progressive Democrat and will fight for those values on City Council, I welcome support from all Alexandrians,” Holihan said. “Scott Gordon puts people before politics as evidenced by his resignation from the Republican party of Alexandria. His resignation is a true testament to how out of touch they have become. Until the Republican Party puts forth reasonable public servants for office, they will continue to lose pragmatic leaders like Scott Gordon.”

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