Thank you, Alexandria

I wanted to take a second to say, “thank you,” to the entire City of Alexandria.

While I fell short, I was able to gain so many new friends, learn so much more about this great City and meet so many wonderful people. All along, I was able to call on friends for support from places like Winchester, Dickenson, Richmond, Norfolk and, of course, right here in Alexandria. I am also incredibly proud of the campaign we were able to run. Our campaign team and volunteers worked incredibly hard, making thousands of phone calls and knocking on over 7,000 doors.

I also want to say something about the winners from last night: this is a fantastic group of dedicated, progressive leaders who I trust to be my members on City Council. I am incredibly proud that Alexandria Democrats chose John Chapman, Justin Wilson, Del Pepper, Paul Smedberg, Tim Lovain and Allison Silberberg to represent them in November. I’ll do everything I can to help that slate and I hope you’ll join me in that effort.

Thank you, Alexandria. It was a fun ride.


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