A City For Everyone

I live in the West End and work in the East End. Like most Alexandrians, I spend my time and money in all parts of our great city, whether that’s shopping at Potomac Yard, getting a great meal at a Del Ray restaurant, visiting Old Town’s waterfront and boutique shops, watching a movie in Carlyle or visiting the batting cages and mini-golf at Cameron Run Regional Park.

Alexandria is a first class city. For us to keep it that way and continue to compete with Arlington, Fairfax, D.C., and National Harbor, we have to make sure that our entire city is thriving. I promise to represent the entire City of Alexandria – not just a few neighborhoods.

A vibrant city is always going to be faced with important decisions that will affect the future of all citizens for years to come. Alexandria’s City Council has made many tough votes on issues like development, education or transportation.

Fair or not, many citizens feel like they are left out of the decision making process in this city. That feeling has to change if we’re to make solid progress towards a better Alexandria.

Education and Equality

Alexandria’s public schools are falling behind. On Council, Sean will work to ensure ACPS is a great place to teach and to learn. He will fight efforts to raid  public school funding and will protect investments in Pre-K education

Our schools and teachers can’t afford to have their funding slashed. We can’t cut into out elementary programs or adult education. That’s not the city we live in and if I am elected to council I will fight to protect these priorities.

Alexandria has to tackle bullying head on. Kids aren’t able to learn and grow in a hostile environment. We have to do everything we can to make our schools a safe environment for everyone.

That includes protecting kids from bullying because they are or are perceived as being gay. The Alexandria Commission on Human Rights has asked Alexandria to support legislation that would protect kids from bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We absolutely need to support our legislators in Richmond who are willing to carry this legislation.

Worker’s Rights and Affordable Housing

We have to stand up for our workers in Alexandria. That starts with supporting Alexandria projects and construction being completed by people who live in Alexandria whenever possible. With the rest of the state exceedingly hostile to labor, we have an even bigger responsibility to lead by example here in Alexandria.

While working to keep Alexandria a place for all of us, we have to make sure that everyone has a place to call their home no matter how much money they earn. We have a good history of maintaining affordable housing and we need to make sure we continue in that tradition.

Public Safety

Cities and counties across Virginia have cut into police and firefighters budgets to help pay for other projects or to balance the budget. In order to live in the city we want Alexandria to be, we absolutely have to fund police, sheriff and fire departments like they deserve to be funded. Part of the reason we live in Alexandria is our sense of community and safety. This sense of security doesn’t come free.

An Economically Viable Waterfront for All

A beautiful city with a small town feel, Alexandria has a charm unique only to us. We have diverse neighborhoods, great restaurants, and wonderful parks.

Our Waterfront doesn’t do our city justice. We deserves a beautiful waterfront that all Alexandrians can enjoy. We also spend a significant amount of money attracting tourism and it only makes sense to make sure when folks arrive here they get to experience a great waterfront.

Alexandria needs an economically viable waterfront for all Alexandrians. That doesn’t mean turning our waterfront into National Harbor. It means having a beautiful waterfront with small, boutique hotels, plenty of open space and environmental protections.

Base Realignment and Closure at Mark Center

The entire city of Alexandria, and Northern Virginia as a whole, has unfortunately been saddled with a terrible situation: BRAC. 6,400 new people have been imported to Beauregard and Seminary and Alexandria has been left to deal with the problem.

We need to look at short and long-term solutions to solve our traffic problems in the area. That includes Bus Rapid Transit, continued pushing for funding of the HOV/Transit Ramp, Slug Lines and working with Senator Warner and Congressmen Moran and Connelly on keeping the parking restriction at the Mark Center complex until traffic congestion is eased.


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